Combining Cloud Agility and Enterprise Performance in your Datacenter with Nutanix Files

The unstructured data problem is real. Some organizations have file servers strewn about to try to capture it all while others use file services provided on storage arrays. According to some estimates, 80% of unstructured data will be stored on distributed file and object storage within the next two years. As organizations continue to ingest vast quantities of data, old methods break down. What’s needed today is a robust file service that scales as quickly as an organization grows and without difficulty.

This is where Nutanix Files comes in. Nutanix Files is a software-defined scale-out storage solution that supports a wide range of use cases, including Linux support and Windows home directories, user profiles and department shares. No longer do you need a separate server or NAS device for user files!

If you’re running a VDI environment or you’re a storage admin, this event will speak right to your key pain points. If you’re in healthcare, insurance, the legal space, or financial services, you’ll discover how you can quickly solve critical file challenges you may be experiencing.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover how Nutanix Files is leading the way in this new file storage paradigm
  • Learn how eminently scalable a modern file solution really is
  • Learn how self-healing and self-tuning can free you from the break/fix cycle of pain
  • Watch a live demonstration of the fully-integrated file analytics engine

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