Infrastructure procurement, deployment, and management has become so cumbersome for many IT organizations that they’re one complicated purchase order away from throwing in the towel.

Hyperconverged infrastructure offers simplification across the entire IT lifecycle and can help to streamline IT operations significantly. It is not, however, a cure for all ills. And a fair assessment of the merits of hyperconvergence will show that it does have downsides.

The real challenge for many would-be hyperconvergence adopters is to fairly weigh the pros and cons to decide if a hyperconverged platform is right for their use case. That’s exactly what this paper helps readers to do.

With this new ‘cheat sheet’ you’ll learn:

  • How and why hyperconvergence came to be in the first place
  • How hyperconverged infrastructure deployment transcends technical impact and even changes the way IT organizations function
  • The surprising ways that hyperconvergence can actually become operationally and financially costly if you aren’t properly prepared

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