Benchmarking in the Age of Hyperconvergence

Your business leaders demand application performance that meets or exceeds user and customer expectations.  The shifting data center architectural landscape has created challenges for IT leaders.  How do IT leaders leverage the incredible benefits of emerging infrastructure options while ensuring that performance doesn't suffer?

It's clear that hyperconverged infrastructure has changed the virtualization and storage landscape. It brings serious opportunity, but may, at first, bring concern around whether or not it can keep pace with application performance demands.  Hyperconverged infrastructure brings a need for an updated approach to infrastructure qualification and assessment. No longer can your systems architects use synthetic, unrealistic numbers to demonstrate consistent application performance.  Rather, you and your architects need to subject infrastructure to a battery of real-world scenarios.

The goal: rock-solid consistent application performance.

In this session you will learn how Nutanix X-Ray moves the test focus from maximum throughput or lowest latency to more applicable tests of a storage and compute system, automating the analysis of both consistent performance, and reliability, with scenarios that negatively affect applications, such as node failures or noisy neighbor workloads.

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Why maximum- or minimum-based performance analysis tools simply won't cut it in a world of nuanced performance statistics
  • Which performance metrics your IT organization should be measuring
  • Ways that you can maintain performance levels during hardware failures, upgrades, and replacement activities
  • How Nutanix X-ray helps you generate real world, accurate performance statistics that you can directly apply to your ongoing strategic planning and decision making activities

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