Why should I spend my valuable time taking this course?

Hyperconvergence is the future of the enterprise datacenter because it allows you to eliminate costly and complex storage area networks, increase the efficiency of deployment and administration of the datacenter, and save the company time and money. By learning about hyperconvergence, you’ll be prepared for the future of enterprise IT and make your life, as an IT Pro, easier.

What legal terms and conditions should I be aware of concerning the course, certificate, and ebadge?

The terms and conditions for the course, certificate, and ebadge are located here. When you register for the course, you’ll be required to accept these terms and conditions.

What should I do if I have questions, feedback, or trouble with the course?

If you have questions, feedback, or trouble with the course, please let us know by using our Contact Us form.

What’s required to take the course?

All that is required to take the course is a computer with speakers and a web browser. The course also works on most mobile devices.

Who is the instructor?

The instructor for this training is David Davis, 8 x vExpert award winner, VCP, and CCIE. He has taught over 50 courses for Pluralsight.com in addition to his time teaching technology in the college classroom. David has implemented hyperconvergence and see the power of hyperconvergence for himself. He’s passionate about hyperconvergence and has written about it in a book and numerous papers.

How long does it take to complete the training and certificate?

It’s estimated that it will take about 2 hours to complete both the training, quizzes, and final exam to earn your certificate. There is no time limit to complete any of these.

What’s the catch?

The training and certificate is completely free. The only catch is that you may be contacted by one of our sponsors.

Is there any cost associated with this training course or certificate?

No, there’s no cost associated with the training or certificate. It’s all free!

Are the quizzes and final exam really hard?

If you watch the video training modules, you’ll find that the quizzes follow the content in the videos. The final exam is a concatenation of the quiz questions so if you can pass the quizzes, you can pass the final exam. There is no time limit on the quizzes or the final exam. If you have trouble passing the quizzes or final exam, we recommend you go back and watch the associated video (perhaps print out the quiz questions and watch for the answers in the videos). The quizzes and exam aren’t designed to be hard, just to ensure that you understood the video material.

Why did you create this training course?

We created this training course to help educate the world about the power of hyperconvergence!